Amanda’s Reads: week of April 15, 2024

Finished 2 this week!


Reputation by Sara Shephard
Got real fucked up, real quick in chapter 35, also listened to while playing Fallout 4 🀣 great story overall, but her writing is terrible.

Dark Psychology and Manipulation: How to Analyze and Influence Anyone with Body Language, NLP, and Gaslighting by Lucas Bailey
Had some helpful tidbits, but was overall terrible for someone like me who is a survivor of narcissistic abuse. Might be good for people with no idea what manipulation is?

Currently Reading

Double Cross by James Patterson (Alex Cross #13)
By the time I hit page 330 last week, I was begging for it to end. Alas, I got to page 343. I still want it to end. It’s far too long of a thriller book.

Dark Psychology & Manipulation: Decoding Human Behavior: A Beginner’s Guide to Analyzing People and Influencing Them with Body Language, NLP, Gaslighting, and Safeguarding Against Manipulative Tactics by Jordan Maxfield
I’ve only just started this, but I’m hoping it’s better than the other one…

Dear Writer, Are You Intuitive? by Becca Syme & Susan Bischoff
Y’all, I’m learning so much more about myself as an author. It’s been such an eye-opener so far.

Country Roads: A Thriller (The Relic Runner Book 3) by Ernest Dempsey
Didn’t expect that! Still on chapter 1, but damn, dude. Great opening!

Currently Listening

Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia
The chupacbra are hilarious. Yes, the book opens with chupacabra, and I love it. And them πŸ˜‚

Reputation by Sara Shephard
I’ve gotten much farther in this one since I finished MHI. It’s actually really good! I’m not a fan of her writing style, but she tells a good story. I’m excited to get through the remaining 6 hours this week!

How to Train Your Mind by Chris Bailey
Nope, haven’t even tried to get further into this yet. Partly because I’m turned off by the Introduction, partly because that Dark Psychology book by Lucas Bailey messed up my flow with how bad it was [for me].

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