Amanda’s Reads: week of April 8, 2024

Event weeks = less reading. Well, the events that are 3 days, anyway. πŸ˜‰


Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
Re-listen complete!
I love re-listens because I still pick new things up. Like the fact that Franks got cool with Z by the time they went to Natchy Bottom… I heart Franks, but then again, I’m all for villains, too. No, Franks isn’t quite a villain, just kind of a dick πŸ˜‚

Currently Reading

Double Cross by James Patterson (Alex Cross #13)
With the even this past weekend, I didn’t get much reading done. Once I got into bed to be a felon (aka reading past bedtime), I only read 1 lonely chapter πŸ˜‚

Dark Psychology and Manipulation: How to Analyze and Influence Anyone with Body Language, NLP, and Gaslighting by Lucas Bailey
I’ve got some favorite parts of this one I’d like to share…

  • One of the most significant body language myths is that averting the gaze means that a person is lying. This is simply not true, and there are many reasons why a person could look away.
  • There is also the misconception that certain self-soothing gestures are indicative of dishonesty. Self-soothing gestures are just that; they are ways we comfort ourselves when we are particularly overstimulated or stressed. Touching the hair, rocking, and even crossing the arms are considered self-soothing.

He’s got some great tips on how to overcome certain fears and doubts, too. So far, it gets 1.5 πŸ‘

Dear Writer, Are You Intuitive? by Becca Syme & Susan Bischoff
I actually took photos of a few pages and posted them one of the writer’s groups I’m in. Mainly because a lot of people there have this weird complex where they like to tell people “you have to do X, but also, YMMV.” (YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary.)
While I have a lot of respect for these people, nothing in life is one size fits all, especially writing processes. These people just have different types of intuition than others, and aren’t the most capable of seeing or acknowledging it.
With each page, I learn more about myself and my writing process. Even better is reading there are so many other authors out there – who are doing it full time! – who operate much the same. Becca also tells us that we don’t have to explain our intuition to anyone, nor do we have to justify its existence.
What a relief!

Country Roads: A Thriller (The Relic Runner Book 3) by Ernest Dempsey
I confess! I’ve barely started this one. I think I read the first paragraph or two, then got distracted, which has been happening far too frequently these days… <— still this. Please don’t tell him, he might make fun of me…worse πŸ˜‚

Currently Listening

Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia
Queued up!

Reputation by Sara Shephard
I’ve gotten much farther in this one since I finished MHI. It’s actually really good! I’m not a fan of her writing style, but she tells a good story. I’m excited to get through the remaining 6 hours this week!

How to Train Your Mind by Chris Bailey
Still haven’t made it through the introduction. Might actually just skip to Chapter 1 because I’m familiar with meditation (I do it daily, sometimes multiple times a day.)

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