Amanda’s Reads: week of May 21, 2024

Another 0 finished week…sigh


Currently Reading

Us of Legendary Gods by Nick Savage
I have 2 issues with the formatting of this book that make it difficult for me to want to pick it up. I’m an author, what do you expect? 😅 The font size is small on purpose. It’s to make a smaller trim size, something more “normal.” Combine the two and it hurts my hands. I wish they’d made it 6×9.

I’m also a bit ADD when it comes to chapter length, so that seems to be another holdup for me. Regardless, the story just keeps picking up, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Nick is full of surprises, so I can’t even make a guess 🤣

Country Roads: A Thriller (The Relic Runner Book 3) by Ernest Dempsey
I’m just past halfway and looking forward to how this plays out. I already know that the series continues, but that doesn’t matter. Dak is a favorite. Period.

The Sell by Fredrik Eklund
Now we’ve gotten to the points that aren’t my thing so much (full out sales and things that revolve around that) but he’s always got nuggets of wisdom that are helpful no matter who you are or what you do. I’m honestly trying to finish this one this week.

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway
Picked it up to start reading it and a chunk of about 30 pages separated from the spine 😭 I did get it from a Blind Date with a Book event years ago, and it’s a used copy, but damn, y’all! I’m terrified!

Currently Listening

Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia
I’ll admit, Nikolai is one creepy dude, but– spoilers! I’ll wait LOL As for the MCB (Monster Control Bureau) and Briarwood, well, they’re true to form of previous books in the series. What’s more is we see Earl act out of character with Heather. I loved the twist the first time I read it, yet it still catches me by surprise every year when I re-read or listen.

I Didn’t Sign Up for This by Dr. Tracy Dalgeish
Still haven’t gotten back to this one. Too many other things going on. Maybe I will this week?

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