Crazy seems rather fitting right now…

… I say I’m crazy because I’m sick again.  I, again, did it to myself.  This time, no doctors allowed.  Why?  1) They drive me further down Crazy Lane and 2) My insurance is a joke and just no.  Period.   So I”m doing the holistic thing and it’s working.  Even better?  No crazy side effects like the meds they had me on!  Woohoo!
Anywho, Trapped is off being formatted.  I’m a dummy and put the wrong font in the notes and some other stuff happened, but, I should have it back in about 2 days for approval.  Also, my cover guy is now freed up a teeny bit and has some time to draw, which means the cover should be done soon-ish.  I really thought I wasn’t going to have it done this early, but I’m glad I do.  That means I can get to papers the week of Thanksgiving and that after (Lit is a drain on my soul and writing because I have to vs writing because I want to are 2 totally different things).   Trapped will be available on all (?) ebook platforms and in paperback, as well pre-order through Amazon and the Books page.  See poll below for an important question regarding ebooks! 🙂
School is another form of insanity alone, but it’s over in 5 weeks.  10 more days on campus!  I got this.
So there’s your weekly (?) update.
Next week, I’ll share the back matter for Trapped!  Stay tuned!
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Much Love,
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