First Author Interview and Other Stuff

Ok, so I apparently like using “other stuff” in my headlines.Β  It’s cool, because it is other stuff πŸ™‚
My very first author interview has been posted! Happy dance!Β  Click here to read it!Β  Super excited!Β  Even better, Mercedes reads the same books I do! Woohoo!
Other stuff: as of next Friday, I should be done with my semester.Β  Which means a 2 week break?Β  Is break even the right word?Β  Probably not.Β  More like 2 weeks of anxiety from hell preparing for summer classes…more notebooks and cheap pens this time.Β  Fuck those expensive pens I got last time because they don’t last.Β  I also sortakinda spoke today…publicly-ish.Β  Joined a business group and, because I’m a new member, got to introduce myself today.Β  I really wish I’d recorded it because I have to do it at least 3 more times…fuck.Β  It was pretty kickass and funny, too.Β  Whatever, maybe it’ll come back to me…
Anyway, I’m off to submit some extra credit and get the final psych chapter out of the way.Β  That English paper can wait until tomorrow or Friday (it’s totally gonna flow like not other paper I’ve written…I think).
Much fucking love,
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