Happy Release Day, Dr. van Wolfe!

Life has been a bit scratchy lately, and I’m no fan of itching, but the day has finally come for Dr. Miranda van Wolfe, 2/3 monster, 1/3 human, to make her world debut!
Dr. van Wolfe asked me to thank you all for supporting her in telling the first part of her story, and she sincerely hopes if you read it you enjoy it.  She also asked me to tell you something about her being hungry… Just ignore that part 😉
From me, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and, together, I hope we can help Dr. van Wolfe succeed like she wants to.  Want to help?  You can find her at pretty much any bookstore/ebook version, some of which are linked over on the Books page.  Honestly, she’s available worldwide and finding all those links is almost impossible.
Much Love,
PS If you’re interested in monthly emails, there’s a link for that, too, at the bottom of every page or click here.

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