Happy Thanksgiving and All That Jazz

I’m late and I’m sorry.  Trying to get Trapped finished (cover thumbnail have progressed!) and homeworking myself hard this week so I have less to do next week and after (aka study for finals).  Also, last weekend was my birthday and I celebrated by going to one of my favorite places, the zoo, and stopping to have cake with some amazing friends who I love dearly.  Plus, I may or may not start Book 2 in the saga.  Debating the name release and some basics, but I really don’t want to give anything away just yet.  We’re still looking at a January release for Trapped and quite possibly the original date.  All formatting is done, just waiting for the cover.  Can I share what I learned about that?
So, I’m a big fan of realistic drawing with watercolor wash.  Learned the new term from my awesome cover guy.  He explained the whole process to me, from the drawing right down to the lighting in PhotoShop.  This is definitely something I have zero clue about and, honestly, I would just prefer to write and pay people to do the rest.  Including formatting because, if you’ve tried to format yourself and have no patience like me, you already know this is the worst.  Plus it’s super time-consuming and a drain on energy.  Not cool.
That’s that.  New terms and processes learned and homeworking myself to the max.  Have I ever told you how much I despise writing for class?  I’d much rather write my stories and be done with it.  For someone who wants at least a masters, I better get used to this writing nonsense.  Blah!
From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope your day is wonderful, the company amazing, and the food even better!
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