Holy cow!

Wow it’s been a while!! Super sorry about that! I really am going to try to blog at least once a week, especially now that the semester is over.
Speaking of semester, I’ll have final grades by next Friday/Saturday-ish and I gotta say, I’m crazy nervous.Β  But at least I won’t get kicked out of the honor society. Hubs calls it Lambda Lambda Lambda (if you get the reference, AWESOME!), but it’s really Phi Theta Kappa.Β  Super awesome to be a part of.
Miranda’s Extraordinary Life: The Magic Within is coming along, hopefully faster now that I’ll actually have time to write.
I’m even about to order some amazing bookmarks that match the series cover!!!
Thinking of doing a Q&A session next week sometime, so if you want to be a part of it, help me choose with these polls!
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