Insomnia Post

It’ll be short. Really short. I just noticed some new things I can do with the site and I will be aka mailing list signup will be easier plus there’s some newer features that will make my life easier. And maybe I’ll keep up. Hah! I’m kidding. I write fiction, so blogging doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I can tell you I will try to share here what I share on my Facebook page. Also, I’m updating the site as well as the personalized books site (I’ve got to add some and all that fun stuff, plus double check new postal service pricing, etc.).
So, that’s that. Lastly, The Dr. van Wolfe Saga has come to a close. Medicate releases June 8, paperback and all except Kindle pre-orders are up. There’s a method to this madness, I swear. I’m trying to figure out this early review thing but I think I did it backward. Oops!
Time to try that thing they call sleep.

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