It’s January…2016!

Happy New Year, friends! It’s January, 2016!
I’m late, but I’ve been doing all the things! Fine, all the things I probably shouldn’t have been so focused on, like video games. Hah! I did, however, say in my last post, you probably wouldn’t hear from me until this week or so.
A few new things going on, like I’ve gotten all but one syllabi for school, which makes me realize there is a teacher I will probably not like too much, but I will, for reason of just being me, enjoy the class.
I’ve also started somking an e cig to work on replacing actual nasty-ass cigarettes. Had an issue with it, called customer service, they’re hooking me up, but I had to grab a new one either way. I do enjoy it. Very much so, actually. I really have no intention of writing a review on it, but once the whole charging issue gets worked out, I just might, so stay tuned for that.
The Indiegogo campaign will be closing on January 30th, but donations will still be taken. I’m still trying to finish this damn book, but without donations, the publishing WILL be pushed back.
Lastly, if you want to sign up for the mailing list, click! Remember to check your email for a confirmation to verify you did actually sign up (also check your spam folder). I have it set so you HAVE to CONFIRM you signed up. Probably because I sign up for newsletters all the damn time, forget, then wonder why I’m getting “this shit”. Hahaha! Yes, I’m a fucking mess. That’s just me. But I’m also over prepared (for most situations), and a organizational freak (aka OCD). Shit happens, right? I’m just a walking contradiction.
Anywho, I’ll let you rest your eyes now of my babble.
Much Love,
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