Just a Few Updates from Your Friendly Slacker Author

Like I said, “few” and “slacker”.  I know, I know.  I said I’d give one post a week a try.  Then I forgot.  We’ve got a lot going on here at home, so my brain slipped and fell down the stairs, smashing into the drywall that now has a hole in it.  The hole is quite slimy, too, which is pretty gross.  Even the cats run from it.
Updates: I’ve added a few new signing dates to the calendar in February and March, one of which is the official launch party in person.  There’s also an online version the week before launch on Facebook.  Also, if you happen to be local, I’ll be attending Clearwater Comic Con again this year!  That con is so much fun!   Even better is that it’s held in a library, one of my favorite places to be!  Other than that, I’m slowly working on Moratorium: Dr. van Wolfe Saga Book 2.  And, by “slowly”, I mean slower than molasses in a blizzard with sub-freezing temperatures.  I’m not one of those indies who publishes 4 (or more) books per year.  That just seems like too much, too fast (my personal opinion).  2 per year seems more me and better for readers – when my favorite author releases a new book, I don’t always buy it immediately, so why should I expect – keyword expect – anyone else to do so for my work.  Instead, I take my time, and no, I’m not talking George R.R. Martin time, either.  Then again, my books aren’t epics like his, either.  Oh!  Pre-order links are up (except paperback, which I’ll announce when I’ve got it) over on the Books page!
So that’s all I’ve got in that area for you.  What do you have for me?  Any exciting developments?  Something you’re going to do that you’re super excited about?  Tell me below in the comments!  I love hearing about your excitement!

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