Looking for feedback…

Forgive me if this post looks funny – I’m still getting used to the new way of blogging WP has enacted. Anyway, I’m proposing a poll, if I still can, with two questions:

(1) If you could purchase an ebook directly from my site and have it delivered via BookFunnel, would you?
(2) Would you buy an ebook code for delivery via BookFunnel in person?

If you don’t know what BookFunnel is, I’ve linked the help page (they make it super easy to load directly to Kindle, iTunes,etc.).


Holy shit, I pulled it off! I’m not as tech stupid as I initially thought! Awesome! Ok, so there’s the “in the meantime” thing. Emails go out next week, so add yours to the list now at the bottom of this post and I look forward to your responses!

Much Love,

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