Looks Like that Didn’t Work as Planned…

Spring Break killed me. Killed me. I was ordered not to do homework of any kind and play video games. Ok, cool. Managed level 104-ish in Fallout 4. That still screwed me. No more breaks like that ever because my super whiney voice kicked in that following Monday with, “Nooooooooo…but I don’t waaaaaaaaaaanna.” Lesson learned.
Book progress: a bit over half finished. Book 2 is about my first semester as a 30-something in college…since the semester isn’t over, obviously I can’t finish the book. But I’m working on it, promise!
Also, rainy season has kicked in full fucking force here, so what did we do? Took our car back and got an suv. We LOVE our Kia Sorento and will not lease another car until we can no longer get into an suv (read old as fuck).
Other than that, there really isn’t too much to vent about other than these stabbing headaches I keep getting. May have to move up a doctor appointment if I get another one. Shit sucks. Stress sucks. Availability of summer classes sucks. Ok, not quite. I’m just sore I couldn’t get Poli Sci how I wanted to. Fall semester maybe…or spring 2018, haven’t gotten that far.
I’m just a happy girl lately, even under all this nonsensical stress. Wanna read about my adventures this far? Click here
Anyway, I’m off to get a bit ahead in Psych (hahahahahaha! See what I did there? I crack myself up!)
Much fucking love,
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