News and Bad Review for an Amazon Seller

Let me start with the bad review: classicbook on Amazon – great prices, qualifies for free Prime 2 day, but they are the absolute WORST at customer communication.  I had to call Amazon just to find out the book I ordered the “last” copy of was on backorder.  So, I cancelled the order and paid $30 more to order through Amazon directly. At least they have it is stock and I’ll actually be prepared for fucking class. They should have notified me but nope.  Assholes.
Another issue, main campus should have ALL books for online classes, regardless of what campus the teacher is based out of.  Case in point: I had to order 2 books from the bookstore online. First one showed up yesterday and I ordered it Monday.  Ordered another one on Monday and actually had to go to the fucking campus to cancel the order and get it there (at least it was tax-free since I was actually able to use my Financial Aid to pay for it).  That’s another thing, why can’t I just enter my student ID online when ordering a book from another campus so I won’t be charged tax? Whatever, it’s still cheaper than university.  My ass is staying at community college as long as I can! Hahaha!
News: I have a signing in St. Pete (plus I have those photos for you from R.A. Salvatore Day!!!)!!!!  Here’s the FB event link:
Since it doesn’t appear I can add a photo album type deal, here’s all the photos and me in all my glory! 16 years I’ve waited to meet this man!  Even better, Neo Edmund’s book “Red Riding Alpha Huntress Series” is fucking AWESOME!!! Not normally my kind of book but seriously, read that shit!! I’m already itching for book 2!
Ok, they are: Ok, so Facebook is being a jerk and not letting me download the whole damn album so here’s the link for that
Much fucking love,
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