Short One Here…

…and I am a short one, so it fits πŸ˜‰
Anyway, I’m somewhere around 5 days or so since my last post (?)… or over a week… but in my defense, I forgot.Β  Yep, straight forgot.Β  Why?Β  Life.Β  Down to 1 final left for my Associate Degree, which should be mailed next week.Β  No, I’m not walking because I don’t want to.Β  No need or want to buy a cap and gown that I’ll never use again.Β  Plus, where does an AA get you anymore?Β  Nowhere, that’s where.Β  You stay right where you are until you have a Bachelor and even then, you still may be stuck.Β  But this post isn’t about me complaining because I’m still making strides toward my endgame with my schooling, so that’s that.Β  Oh, and I’m the first in my immediate family to even attend college, so plbbt! (That was me sticking my tongue out and making the noise with it).
Trapped cover is getting its final touches, and I’ll have it by Christmas, which is only, what, 12 days away?Β  Wow!Β  2017 is almost over!Β  Good riddance!Β  I’m looking forward to 2018 for a lot of reasons, the first being the ability to start getting health issues in order and taken care of.Β  Getting records together isn’t fun, but hey, I’ll be able to start taking care of my innards, which is a good thing.Β  The second reason is the ability to focus on my writing more for a short period of time.Β  Third through, eh, sixth or so is getting everything in order by March to be accepted for transfer to university for my Bachelor program.Β  Community college was a blast but on to bigger and better (and more student loans, joy).
On the writing front, the second book in the saga has been started, though slowly.Β  Goat videos have been distracting.Β  So have naps and finally having time to meet friends for lunch or coffee and reading (seriously, I have a tbr pile for the first time in my life, and it’s kind of embarrassing.Β  TBR = To Be Read.)
Now that I’ve completely had a brain fart and run out of things to update, I will bid you ta-ta for now!Β  I hope you’re having a wonderful December and finishing the year strong!
Much love,

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