Site Update and a Few Other Things

In case you didn’t notice, the site has been redesigned!  It’s more user friendly, more simple, and cleaner.  Oh that header?  Yeah, that’s the new cover for the rebranded Miranda’s Extraordinary Life: The Whole Story.  The stand-alone books will go out of print, but you can still order them (typos and all) from me if you would like.  Honestly, I’ll probably just trash them because now they’re all in 1 book with an AMAZING cover, done by Kari Schultz of Fox Dream Art.  You can check her out here.  Oh, and here are both covers in all their hand drawn, watercolor glory!

At the moment, these beauties are available for pre-order on Kindle only (I’m still doing the whole formatting thing for Smashwords) for release on September 8, 2017.  Paperbacks will not release until October 2, 2017, HOWEVER, I will have copies on hand to sign at MegaCon Tampa Bay, along with some stickers (if I can format them the way I want them lol).
Last, I’m working on a new series of novels to be released in January (no I haven’t picked out a date and I have until the end of September to do so, but I’ll keep you updated).  The working title of the first one is “Trapped”.  It’s also ages 17 and up, due to gore and a small amount language.  Categories would be dark fantasy and urban fantasy.  My betas are loving it, though I consider my progress slow (which I’m actually on time).  I hope you will, too.  One key thing my betas are saying is to reccommended reading of “Miranda’s Extraordinary Life: The Whole Story” prior to reading “Trapped” (“Trapped” follows “The Whole Story” in a way and you may not get the full experience without reading “The Whole Story”).
All that said, I’m going to bag out and try to design these stickers and get some more work done on “Trapped”.
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