Sorry ’bout that…

Been a little busy with homework, a midterm, and other random shit to keep y’all updated.  Here’s what’s new and what’s not so new:
Paperbacks – got a new small shipment in for signed orders. (Click here)
School – just when I thought it would be better after algebra finished.  I was so fucking wrong.  SO wrong.  Makes me glad for free screengrab software.  Not to sound like a snob or smarty-pants, because I absolutely am not that kind of asshole, I should have all As, but don’t because…right, can’t get into that (refer to screengrab comment in previous sentence).
Hubster – still injured and on light duty (which I totally prefer since he keeps getting fucking injured) and has 2 more pt sessions.  What kills me the most about pt is that all 3 orthropedic docs he’s seen have said surgery will NOT help his knee, just like it wouldn’t mine, yet the one pt doc resorts instantly to surgery.  Umm, are you gonna pay my mortgage, err, rent?  Didn’t think so.  Are you gonna be the one to deal with his grumpy ass every single day because he’s mad he can’t work?  Didn’t think so.  You have access to every record, just like every other doc he sees.  Why don’t you look at that before you go jumping to the surgery “option”, jackass.
So that’s about it here.  What’s going on with you?
PS If you’ve read the book, make sure you leave a review!  Seriously, honest reviews only please.  I don’t do lip service, I prefer truth.  Thanks!

Bookvetter, Measuring what matters

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