Thoughts from a Novelist

I don’t blog much. I talk to my newsletter subscribers through the newsletter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. As I go through my first audio process of listening and noting things for my awesome narrator, I feel the need to take a break and post this.

See, book 1 (Politeness Kills) in 13 Reasons for Murder isn’t the best. I can accept that. What’s great is the feedback I’ve gotten and continute to receive. People genuinely like/love the story and characters. Book 2 (Meathead) is much better, and as I finish book 3 (Philistines), it’s gotten even better.

I promise, if you stick with me, you’ll see how much better I become and how much more fun the series gets. I craft better as I go, like most other novelists and authors. There are few notable exceptions I’m told of, though I haven’t read any of their recent releases.

My main man and blurb writer, Jason, has told me to keep honing my craft, as have others. I will, I promise you I will. I promise me I will. To say I’m an amzing writer would be a lie, but I’m damn good. Jason’s been working with other authors for over 20 years (I don’t see how, I swear he’s younger than me), yet he constantly tells me I have whatever “it” is. I was born with this ability to tell stories.

I promise you, I’ll crawl under your skin and get you bloody just enough, maybe even make you gag or cry. I promise to hit those feelings I’m supposed to as a creator of a female serial killer. I ask you to stick with me and keep providing me with the feedback I need to keep delivering on my promise.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any of my books. Your time is valuable I appreciate that.

Much Love,

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