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This week starts a new weekly post series…

I’ve decided to start a weekly recap of books I’m currently reading. This week includes 2 fresh “just finished” books as well.

I should warn you this week’s list is long: 7 in progress, 2 finished. It shouldn’t always be this long, but I’m me. Could go either way!

Let’s get started, shall we?


Cross by James Patterson (Alex Cross #12)
I was gifted books 12 through… I don’t even know. There are 16 in total and may be more coming. While I like the writing style – short and snappy with short paragraphs and chapters – I can already tell this series has gone on possibly longer than it should have.
I’m not saying I didn’t like it, and this was the first in the series I’ve read… But I do have reservations. It’s a crime thriller series which means characters die, James. They’re supposed to. How there are 32 (damn, dude, damn), I’ll never understand. But I will keep reading them.
In this one, Alex crosses paths – pun not intended, but I’m giggling – with his wife’s killer. I don’t know that I can say too much more without giving the whole story away, though. I can add that there was a fun message for me at the end. More like a lesson or an echo of something I need to remember. Just because it’s fiction, doesn’t mean we can’t learn from some of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever by Larry Correia & Jason Cordova
Let me start by saying this: I adore the Monster Hunter International series and the Memoirs spin-off series. There are currently 4 total Memoirs (more coming) and 8 in the Monster Hunter International series (more coming.)
This story follows Chloe Mendoza, a monster hunter, back in the 70s, as they chase down a Fae and her minions in Los Angeles. I really enjoyed the story, but she’s no Chad (the first 3 Memoirs books with John Ringo.) I’m partial to Chad, what can I say?
Chloe also isn’t quite what you’d expect from a monster hunter…

Currently Reading

Double Cross by James Patterson (Alex Cross #13)
I finished Cross, then took the dust jacket off of this one, and placed a bookmark on the first page. That’s as far as I got ๐Ÿ˜† I’ll have more for you on this one next week.

Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan & Tahl Raz
The dust jacket is way cool, but that’s not what drew me to this book. I’m an AppSumo fan. I’ve even bought deals from them; they’re a great resource. Noah Kagen built AppSumo and a bunch of other million-dollar businesses. So, when he announced his book to those of us who subscribe to his newsletter – on him no less! – I jumped on it. I was going to pick it up anyway, but I digress.
It’s taken me far too long to actually finish it, but if you’re an entrepreneur or even have thoughts of being one, you can’t go wrong with this book. I will admit, I skimmed the chapter on email lists because most of what he goes over is “common knowledge” for me, what with being an author and having my own anyway.
I’m almost finished and hope to be in the next day or two, with a brief wrap-up next week.

Dear Writer, Are You Intuitive? by Becca Syme & Susan Bischoff
Y’all, I am a big fan of Becca and her work with authors and their CliftonStrengthsยฎ. I’ve read all of her books except 1 so far.
Honestly, I think her first book, Dear Writer, You Need to Quit is helpful for everyone. She teaches something called “QTP” or “Question the Premise,” where you question when people tell you that you should do something because it worked for them. Just because it worked for them, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.
Anyway, one day – soon, hopefully – I’ll finish this one.

Country Roads: A Thriller (The Relic Runner Book 3) by Ernest Dempsey
I’ve read the prequels and first 2 in this series, so far. Dak Harper is my favorite character of Ernest’s – yes, over Sean Wyatt, but I haven’t read many of those yet. Nor have I read the Gideon Wolfe series yet. I’m getting there, promise!
Dak Harper was left for dead in the desert by his team of elite forces, and now he’s employed hunting down artifacts to get them back where they belong. Full of action, nail-biting twists and turns, and lots of fun, you won’t be disappointed.

Currently Listening

Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
The series is part of my yearly re-read/re-listen. I’m addicted to the audiobooks, though, because narrator Oliver Wyman does such a great job. Seriously, he’s that good and so is the series.
My love started when I met Larry back in 2017 and was then gifted an ARC copy of Monster Hunter Siege. I started in the middle of the series and went back to the beginning because it was so much fun. It’s the best of urban fantasy, laced with lots of realism, sarcasm, and ‘splosions.
Sometimes, I even gift copies to people I think would appreciate it (print or digital.) It’s a thing his fans do, and we’re all pretty damn awesome.

Reputation by Sara Shephard
I’ve got almost 11 hours left of this one, and I can’t explain why. It’s full of twists and turns. No one has died yet, but if this book is anything like her Pretty Little Liars series, someone should. Soon.
Full disclosure with PLL, I’ve only seen the TV show, and have pretty strong opinions of it. I do have the books on my TBR, though. I’m just burnt out by the show, so it might take a while to get to them.

How to Train Your Mind by Chris Bailey
An Audible Exclusive, this book explores “the productivity benefits of meditation.” To be transparent, the introduction ahs already got me bored to tears, which is why that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I do meditate, though I prefer Solfeggio Frequencies and guided meditation these days – I can’t stop my thoughts long enough to get in the zone, these help.
I can say both Solfeggio and guided have been a huge help though. As far as productivity goes, I’ve been ridiculously distractable lately, so I can’t attest to that. I’d like to learn, which is why I have this audiobook.
Here’s hoping it’s not as dull as the introduction was!

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