Yikes! September was crazy, I apologize, and Now Available

… September was flat out crazy here, and I truly apologize for not posting like I wanted to.  Between Hurricane Irma – yes, we had minimal damage to a fence – and my body deciding to revolt (I’ll get into that) and homework deadlines that ended up crunched from both, writing came to a crashing halt.
But we’re now into October.  Damage has been repaired, homework is caught up, and I’m finished with my medication from a cute trip to the ER.  See, it started out as pains brought on by the drop in barometric pressure (women especially face differences in our normal monthly expectations or pregnancies because of hurricanes and the barometric pressure drop, as I was forced to learn with what started September).  Pains stopped for about a week then turned into something else altogether.  Decided to go to the ER and they found an infection and a cyst that will need to be removed in January.  Fun times.  The infection seems to be gone, from what I can feel, but follow up tests will be necessary.  So that was the joy of my September.
Then I realized all that I put my body through over the weeks and months prior, going back as far as the past year.  I basically beat the crap out of it and it revolted.  End of story.  So please, takes care of yourselves.  Don’t be like me and find out the hard way because it’s not pleasant.
Now, homework is back on track and I have picked back up on Trapped.  I also plan to start sending out emails to the list again.  Are you on it?  You can sign up at the bottom of this or any page or click here.  They’re once monthly (I don’t like being flooded by lists I join, so I won’t do it to you).
Trapped even has a new cover artist who doesn’t normally do covers but he loves me (and neither one of us can really say no to the other haha).  If you haven’t Read Miranda’s Extraordinary Life yet, I’m happy to say the paperback and ebook versions are now available!  Check out the Books page or order from your favorite online book retailer.
Wanna join the group where we talk about all things Trapped, Miranda, and just all things?  Click here.
I’m also looking for a release team.  All it involves is reading the story (next up: Trapped) and leaving reviews wherever you can – Amazon, Goodreads, blogs, etc – on release day.  Want free books in exchange for an HONEST review?  Sign up now right here.
I know this is another short post, but I’ve got to grab a cup of coffee and get on homework so I can keep working on Trapped and make it what I know it will be: awesome, fantastical yet urban, and, true to form, complete with battles and gargoyles and a chimera!  How I love fantasy and urban fantasy!
Look for Trapped: The Dr. van Wolfe Saga (Book 1) to be available early January! Distributed by Gatekeeper Press.
Have a great day!!
Much love,
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